Libido Boosters For Men And Women To Increase Desire

Libido boosters for men and women that work naturally are very effective for long-term results in improving sex drive and balancing the body’s hormones. Only herbal and plant-based libido supplements are recommended for real, sustainable results that increase libido and sexual desire.

Which herbal libido supplements work the best?

The most effective herbs for increasing male and female sex drive depend on the condition of the individual. For males, factors such as age, history of alcohol and drugs, sleep quality and sexual history all play a part. For females, factors such as medication, birth control, menopause and stress can have an influence.

The following libido boosters address different causes of low libido and some of them combine several herbal remedies to improve desire and increase male or female performance.

Herbal Supplements for Male Libido

Boosting sex drive for men is done with a variety of different herbs and supplements. You can even choose 2 or 3 different types of libido boosters and vary them. In order to get the most out of your supplements, it’s recommended to detox your body and to promote regular deep sleep for optimal results.

1. Yohimbe

As always, read all the indications carefully and if necessary, speak to your doctor if you have any reason to. Yohimbe has to be taken with care as high doses can cause high blood pressure, heart palpitations, dizziness and headaches. However, if you take supplement and respect the recommended doses, any negative side effects will be very unlikely.

The positive effects or benefits of Yohimbe on the male sex drive are many. The main positive benefits for male libido are:

– stronger erections

– improved sexual desire

– maintaining an erection for longer

– improved ejaculations (related to fertility)

The yohimbe bark extract is the main ingredient and source of stimulation of sexual desire, and horny goat weed, ginko and tribulus terrestris can also be found in some supplements in small quantities.

2. Tongkat Ali

Highly effective for boosting blood circulation, improving sexual energy and maintaining erections for longer, Tongkat Ali is an excellent solution for weak erections or erectile dysfunction. For those men who are looking for sexual enhancement, there is evidence that Tongkat Ali as an aphrodisiac can be highly beneficial.

3. Catuaba

Catuaba works on increasing male sexual desire, energy and blood circulation for fully improved erections that last for longer. This herb is from South America (notably Northern Brazil) and has been used for many generations of native South Americans as a libido booster and sexual enhancer.

Most supplements of Catuaba are combined with Muira Puama. Users also report more enjoyable sex, more frequent sex, a reduced refractory period and improved general energy levels.

Herbal Supplements for Women

Herbal libido solutions for women can broadly be divided into those which stimulate sexual desire (lack of energy), those which are adapted for menopausal ladies and those which have a more relaxing effect (for stress). Many supplements work for women with low libido of any age by boosting sex hormones in the body and increasing sexual desire and confidence.

To make the most of using supplements, deeper sleep, a healthy diet and detoxing is highly recommended.

1. Steel Libido For Women

Steel Libido For Women consists of only naturally occurring plants and herbs for stimulating female sexual desire. Combining Maca, Ginseng, horny goat weed and ginger root extract enhance sexual energy, desire and improve circulation.

This entirely natural product combines many different herbs with libido boosting and aprodisiac properties to increase female libido for ladies who:

– are experiencing low libido following medication

– have low libido due to the menopause

– are experience a lack of sex drive due to stress or tiredness

2. Libido Edge

Libido Edge is taken by many women with low libido who require natural, plant-based herbal solutions that encourage natural hormone production and increase daily sexual desire. It focuses on boosting energy, encouraging natural production of testosterone (especially useful with menopausal ladies), improving circulation around the vaginal area and balancing the nervous system for optimizing sexual desire.

3. Maca Root

Maca has come to the attention of many ladies seeking to increase libido in recent years. Maca also originates from South America and has been used to treat sexual dysfunction in both males and females for many generations.

Only recently, maca has been marketed throughout the whole world as a libido booster. A study on maca reveals it to have many libido enhancing properties for both women and men. Notably, maca has nutritional qualities that improve the balance of the central nervous system, boost energy and reduce stress.

As stress is often a reason for female low libido, maca is beneficial to increasing female sexual desire as well as general health and energy levels.

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