Terms & Conditions


Shipping FAQ –

Our shipment are from warehouses in the USA and offering free standard shipping to other parts of USA on any order over $100, but weighing less than 10lbs of gross weight.
If its over 10lbs, shipping cost by weight will be chargeable. Anything under $100, shipping cost starts from $4.99 depending on the weight.

On Mondays and or Holidays, shipment might take between 24 and 48 hours due to the increase in sales during those days.

During Black Friday and Christmas, shipment for these orders will be delayed due to the large volume of orders. Expect a slightly longer delivery time during this period. To avoid this situation, please place your orders early for peace of mind.

International Shipping and Customs Regulations –

Currently free shipping only applies to the USA. Standard shipping cost applies to shipment to other destinations outside of USA. We will be offering more shipping options soon.
For all International orders, the customs form will be affixed onto your package. It will list the content inside the box. This is International Law and we cannot change this. Due to the different laws on supplements and vitamins, it is your responsibility to know what can be shipped to your country and what cannot. If your package is seized by customs, you will not be refunded unless the package is returned to us.


Duties & Taxes –

You are responsible for all import duties and taxes on your package. You can pre-pay or post-pay for most countries we ship to. It is your choice.


International Tracking –

While we strive to provide you with the best service possible, international tracking is not available at this time in all of the countries that we ship to. International tracking numbers are not automatically included, however, they can be provided upon request about a week after your order has been shipped on a as and when available basis.


Address Errors –

Errors sometimes happen so please make sure to double check your shipping address. If we ship your package to an incorrectly entered address, we can sometimes re-route it, but you may incur additional charges from that courier. While we will re-ship your package, you will have to pay the shipping cost, but only after we received the return of the first package and the item in good condition).

To prevent the above incident from happening, double check you shipping address when ordering. And, if you know you have entered the wrong address after placing your order, you must notify us by WhatsApp message on same day giving your correct address, order number and transaction ID number. Do not send notification by emails, social media messages and/or live chat, which may not be answered in time.


Lost Packages

While 99% of our packages shipped have no issues, sometimes packages are lost during transit. If your package is lost and your tracking is not being updated, please notify us. We will have to wait for the entire shipping time frame before filing a case and re-shipping your package, as required by the courier.


Fraud Alert

We have engaged a third party company to monitor all transactions coming in. This is done instantly and you won’t even notice. This is to help protect not only us, but our customers. If your order is flagged for fraud, you will be required to give more verification information before the product is shipped.
For genuine customers, you have nothing to worry about.


Stock Availability and Your Order

All listed products in our store are available in stock at time of listing. However, with daily order volume we received, sometimes a product shows “In Stock” can be out of stock. In this case, it may display a “Shipping Delayed” notice, which means the product is on order and will be shipped out as soon as inventory returns to positive.
For multiple items order, shipment will be effected only once the order in it’s entirety is all in stock and ready to ship.